Software consultancy and development in the fields of low-carbon heat and energy saving.


HeatCanvas™ is a Web App created to make room heat loss calculations "come to life" and be easily understood (and adapted) by homeowners. Bridges the gap between the basic calculators previously available on the web, and the sophisticated engineering tools and spreadsheets used by professionals.

Built as a JavaScript Single Page Application (SPA) using the Angular framework and HTML5 canvas (using the Three.js library). The vision for the product is to become a communication and advice tool linking up home owners, technical specialists, and the providers of services (contractors, installers, manufacturers).

Heat-as-a-Service (HaaS)

There are significant challenges (an understatement) to the mass roll out of low-carbon heat in the UK. The necessity to replace a large percentage of domestic gas boilers with heat pump technology will be difficult:

OwlIT has been working with partners and specialists in the heat pump contractor market, along with academics from computer science / computational optimisation specialisms, to examine the feasibility of creating an IT platform to unlock the potential of HaaS within the UK.